Who Grew My Soup? Videos

Farmers Grow Your Soup Video

Watch this 3 minute video with your classroom, narrated by the Who Grew My Soup? author Tom Darbyshire, as he tells his story of growing up in agriculture and explains all of the jobs that a farmer has on a daily basis.

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Author Read of Who Grew My Soup?

Author Tom Darbyshire reads the book Who Grew My Soup?. Play this 7 minute video to allow your students to virtually meet the author, and hear him read the book through his own voice.

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Teacher Resources

  • Educator Resource Guide A PDF version of the Educator Resource Guide, distributed to 2,500 teacher's across New York State. You will find the Give Me Five featured lesson plan, the program's alignment to Common Core Learning Standards, vocabulary, and a list of learning extensions and additional resources.
  • My New York Plate Poster My New York Plate PosterMeet five farmers from New York who produce food within each of the food groups. Nutrition begins on the farm, and let these farmers tell their personal agriculture stories and why they love their job. Just as Phineas Quinn met the farmers who grew the vegetables in his soup, give your students the opportunity to read non-fiction stories of food producers from across our state.
  • Vocabulary Lists and Games Follow the link above to view our Quizlet to review the vocabulary terms from Who Grew My Soup?. Play games, test yourself, or just flip through electronic flashcards to learn the vocabulary terms and vegetables mentioned in the book.
  • New York News Publishers Association ELA Resources Find more non-fiction farmer stories for your students to read, an activity for students to interview a farmer, crossword puzzles, and additional supplemental activities.
  • Who Grew My Soup? Song Story Laurie, and children's music composer and performer based out of Delaware County, has written and recorded a Farm-to-Table song to be accompanied with this year’s Agricultural Literacy Week program. This funky song will get your classroom singing, dancing, and wondering who grew the food in their lunch boxes. Find the recorded song and the lyrics through the link above. This is a wonderful learning extension for the book, or a perfect way to incorporate your school’s music educator with food and agricultural literacy education.
    Listen to the song »

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