• Agricultural Literacy Week

    Agricultural Literacy Week

    Each year NYAITC selects one book on an agricultural topic which represents a sector of New York's vast agricultural industries. The book is read by over one thousand volunteers to tens of thousands of students.
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  • Educator Workshops

    Educator Workshops

    NYAITC offers workshops for pre-service and in-service teachers, extension and other community educators, partners, and volunteers. We work with educators to integrate curriculum using agricultural literacy activities, lessons, and resources to support science, social studies, language arts, and math learning.
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  • Schoolyard Sugaring

    Schoolyard Sugaring

    A partnership between the New York State Maple Foundation and New York Agriculture in the Classroom, this contest’s goal is to connect students with maple syrup producers in order for them to learn about the product, which is unique to our region. Classrooms compete to learn the process and produce their own syrup for judging.
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  • STEM Beef Experience

    STEM Beef Experience

    Join teachers from across New York State for a three-day, two-night experience connecting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) with beef production. Touching on every aspect of the industry, teachers will have a chance to experience first-hand animal care, housing, feeding, transportation and more at each farm we visit.
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  • Teacher of the Year

    Teacher of the Year

    Each year, we celebrate an outstanding New York teacher who uses agricultural literacy materials and/or activities in the classroom to such an extent as to merit statewide recognition. Winning teachers receive an all-expense paid trip to the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference, held in a different location in the United States each year.
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  • Top Cut: A Beef Contest

    Top Cut: A Beef Contest

    Thanks to a partnership with the New York Beef Council, this contest serves to educate middle and high school students about beef production, nutrition, and marketing. This contest allows students to explore beef in a hands-on manner by creating and marketing their very own product.
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  • Virtual Field Trips

    Virtual Field Trips

    Food and agriculture experiences come to life for students during farm visits, and now an opportunity to give a look behind the barn doors is more accessible than ever with a virtual field trip.
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