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New York Agriculture in the Classroom


Grow with Us Grant

Grow with Us


We know...

Students who grow food, try new foods.
Students who grow food, eat healthier foods.
Students who grow food, increase their physical activity.
Students who grow food, understand and can communicate the source and value of agriculture.


Listing the reasons why we should grow food with our students can go on and on – but teachers don't need another list, teachers need tools and resources. New York Agriculture in the Classroom is offering an unprecedented grant for schools to earn plant grow systems for their schools and classrooms to engage students in learning through food and eating healthy food year-round.

New York Agriculture in the Classroom wants to make the integration of food, agriculture, and nutrition easy, relevant, and successful for teachers across our state.

About Grow with Us Grant

The Grow with Us Grant allows schools to apply for three types of grow systems. Schools should apply for the grow system that would best meet their educational goals, classroom space needs, along with experience level in school gardening and curriculum integration. New York Agriculture in the Classroom aspires to provide teachers the tools to facilitate experiential-learning opportunities using agriculture as the context for learning by investing $70,000 in the grant program.

Schools selected to receive grow systems will be asked to submit two progress reports yearly, and respond to messages or inquiries as asked. Regional Agriculture in the Classroom curriculum trainings will be held during the school year, and at least one teacher from the recipient school must attend the training. The educator trainings will deepen your understanding of the paired curriculum available and companion resources, and allow for teachers to develop a network of support in each region.

Eligibility and Application Guidelines

Please take careful note of the eligibility and guidelines for application to this grant program. For questions or clarification, please email Katie Carpenter.

  • Applications will be accepted from New York State certified K-12 teachers.
  • Teachers must be interested in and committed to enhancing their students' understanding of agriculture, food systems, and natural resources.
  • Public, private, charter, and homeschool groups are eligible to apply.
  • Applications from multiple school buildings in the same district are eligible.
  • Schools must be willing to submit two progress reports each year, for two years.
  • The grow systems must be housed for two years on the school property, not at an off-site location.
  • Certified agriculture teachers and agriculture programs are not eligible to apply for this grant. (Please see the Agriculture Education Incentive Grant.)
  • Please see specific eligibility requirements for the high tunnel award.
  • Teacher winners of the Grow with Us Grant from the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years are not eligible to re-apply.

Required Documents for Application

When applying for this grant, please note:

  • To be considered for judging, your application must be complete (including all required uploads).
  • Grow systems cannot be located at an offsite location such as a Cornell Cooperative Extension office or farm partner.
  • Awardees will be awarded basic supplies to start their grow system, but there must be a plan in place to sustain or support the project in future years.
    • Awardees will be awarded basic supplies to start their grow system, but there must be a plan in place to sustain or support the project in future years.
    • As a note, three of the four garden systems take minimal financial inputs to start each school year. High tunnels may require a higher cost investment at the start of each growing season due to its larger size.
  • Teachers must be the primary users of the grow system for classroom instruction.
  • Cooperative efforts are encouraged.

High Tunnel Additional Eligibility

  • Must have a successful, existing school garden program and an interest and ability to extend the growing season.
  • An acceptable site to fit a 20' by 48' structure, close to a water source, situated away from buildings and trees.
  • Along with a letter of support from the administration, a signed commitment from the Custodial Director must be uploaded with your document. Please spend time reviewing the high tunnel information with this important partner.
    • Without the signed agreement, your application will not be considered.
  • If considered as a finalist, you will be contacted for a site visit to ensure there is school support for the project and the identified site is acceptable.

Grant Timeline

Grant Release
October 2019
Applications Due
Friday, January 3, 2020
Winners Announced
Friday, February 7, 2020

Description of Grow Systems

Below are descriptions of the three available grow systems. Before making your selection on your application be sure to note the dimensions of each system in the descriptions and measure the space you have in mind.